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Spicy Peanut

Spicy Peanut

Category:Fried Peanut

Release TIme:2019/8/3



0532 85773325

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  • Product Description

Spicy peanuts are refined from Chinese prickly ash, chili, and peanut kernels. The product has a strong aroma of peanuts, as well as chili and Chinese prickly ash. It has the characteristics of being spicy, spicy, fragrant, and crispy. The peanut kernels are full and uniform in size, crisp in taste, and enjoyable in the mouth. It is economical, spicy, delicious, bright in color, and unique in taste. Our spicy peanuts are not quite the same as the peanuts on the current market. They are spicy enough, spicy enough, and taste a bit like boiled fish. People who have eaten them praise them endlessly. They are spicy, crispy, and taste great. You must still want to eat them after eating them. For those who don't eat spicy peanuts, they may feel a bit spicy when they first taste them, but the aroma definitely makes you unable to stop; For those who like to eat spicy food, it is simply super delicious, with a hint of spicy fragrance that goes straight into the taste buds. It is three times spicy and very crispy, and after eating it, you will fall in love with it... Take a taste of it, it is numb and spicy, just like the boiled fish that is popular across the country, making you unable to stop it.

Spicy Peanut




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